Vehicle wrappings require expert planning and coordination. The design must coincide with the model of the vehicle, as well as any alterations to that vehicle. The installation must be done in a controlled environment to avoid damaging the vinyl or allowing dust and dirt to enter between the vehicle and the vinyl. We have experience with all types of vehicles and watercraft and use the highest quality 3M materials for longevity, durability, and crystal clear prints. Our expert design and installation team are prepared to solve these challenges with ease, allowing your vehicle or fleet to return to service quickly.

A few things we take into consideration when designing your custom vehicle wrap:

  • The design must take into account local regulations
  • All parts of the design must have proper visibility at normal driving distances
  • Windows, doors, curves, seams, handles, and aftermarket components

Installation Challenges

  • Installation need to be done in a clean, dust-free environment
  • Vehicles must be properly cleaned and prepped prior to installation
  • Wraps and lettering must be installed at a specific temperature range indicated by the material manufacturer to ensure proper adhesion and longevity of the wrap
  • Installation is notoriously intricate, especially for full-body wraps due to complexity of vehicle shape