4 foot by 20 foot banner

Large Format Banners

Also known as grand format banners, large format banners are most commonly printed on vinyl or mesh vinyl. Depending on the conditions and duration of use, we can recommend the best material for any application. Mesh is commonly used outdoors, especially where wind conditions are problematic. However, vinyl can be used provided it is properly mounted or wind slit are used effectively.

Design Considerations for Large Format Banners

The clarity of graphics and the legibility of your text are the key factors you need to consider when designing your banner. Our graphic designers have experience in creating the perfect banner for your needs. For graphic, high-resolution images can be used when the preferred format (vector graphics) are not available. Without vector graphics or high-resolution artwork, your images will appear blurry and pixelated when printed at a large size.

For text size, legibility can be mathematically calculated to provide the correct size at the viewing distance. If you need help in designing your banner, let us know! Graphic design is available at an additional charge.

Finish Options for Banners

Banners can be seamed, taped, sewn, chemically bonded…we can help you select the best finish option for your application. Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages, but the perfect solution exists for every type of project!


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